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What a Difference a Day Makes.

The passage of time is a funny thing. In my mind, there are events that seem to have taken place ‘just yesterday’ when in fact years have gone by. The way I can recall with crystal clear clarity events that happened well over 40 years ago but, can’t remember why I walked into the kitchen is often a source of silent amusement for myself.

Time and its passage, in the online spiritual community, has its own unique cadence. What happened and who said what years ago is usually only remembered by sites like Wayback and those who were the pioneers, silent witnesses and/or rebels of the moment/movement. It is the silence of the witnesses to fuckery, high turnover of the witch/wizard/worker/Baba/Iya/Sage of the moment and the newly woke that make a way for the repentant and powerless to emerge as leaders of what is not new.

Today while reading about a particular intellectual theft by an up and coming self-appointed sage and, a new spiritual position by one who has changed their ways, I was inspired to write.

The nature of God is unto God, and God alone. The beauty of being teachable and growing in one’s spiritual paths makes for life changing moments that spark growth, creativity and a deep appreciation for life. It allows God to use whatever means, be it deities, our parents, or a shell to help us develop and live our best lives possible. I am always gripped by momentary anger when I see the latest online post, book, podcast, etc. that outright steals the works/words of a priest/priestess that have dedicated their lives to following their path and, truly teaching with no expectations other than the hope that those that learn from them grow, expand and elevate. Why be an intellectual thief when we all have the capacity and capability to teach where our gifting lies? Why steal word for word, from the very same people that you have condemned as racists, radicals and/or heretics, then have the nerve to publish what you have stolen as if divinely inspired.

The Grace of God, in all traditions, allows for each of us to learn and change. Some call it repentance, others growth. But online, it can be seen as and called, who the fuck does this person think they are? The self created and inflicted drama that was stirred up years ago is oft times forgotten by the time an individual’s resurrection comes about. It is usually the disciples from the other camps that remember the fuckery and are amazed at the new found religion of the latest incarnation of he/she/it.

Do I dare call out the thief and start an online fight with their minions? Do I turn my back on those who have, through their own journey, changed? No is the answer to both of these questions. The difference that a day makes is vast. The difference is knowing how to turn your anger into fuel for teaching those that are finding their way as I once did. The difference is using grace, patience and understanding to help gently guide as well as, teach those who have found a new and better way to do things.

While my memory may be long for certain things, forgiveness will always out live the acts that so deeply offended and/or angered me. With the state of the world today, there are too many things that must be focused on and fought against to expend energy on those that opt for momentary glory as the latest ‘it Sage’. Time definitely is its own force and for those that seek to stay stuck in riverbeds of molasses while posting pictures online of yachts they have never been on, there will be true teachers/authors/priests/priestess/corner prophets out here in the world ready to welcome those that have been lied to, broken and/or ready for real change.  AW/ALC-7/15/2017

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