Spiritual #metoo – Breaking a Lover’s Will

Love Works… aw/alc-10/19/2017
You’re in love/lust/like
He/She is not responding fast enough
You do online research, decide on a dominance spell
He/She responds to your spell but, does their best to stay away from you once the bed dance is done
He/She feels free when out of your grasp, the soul always rebels, knows the difference between a wanted and unwanted touch
The tug of war goes on until you’ve had enough or His/Her Soul breaks free
Making magic in spirit and flesh is always better when honey is poured instead of burning ashes to obtain what is not yours.
I wrote this poem in response to several social media posts by women that I’ve seen asking how they could break their lover’s will so that he/she will comply and give them what they want. As a woman, hell as a human being, the thought of my partner using harsh or heavy handed magical methods to get me to love them more, respond in the way that they want, etc. is such a huge turn off. As a rootworker I am often taken aback by the notion that some how forcing a person into a relationship with you via spiritual means will make things right in the world. I have no problem with drawing a lover, creating “fire” in the bedroom, drawing a sugar-daddy to a client but, something about purposely breaking someone down so that they will love you just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
Sigh… Perhaps I’m still in reflection mode since the #metoo hashtag has been resurrected and women have been bravely coming forward to share their stories.  Sexual assault, like all crimes against women, needs to be eradicated but, I am wondering if we realize that spiritual attempts and/or attacks to break a person’s will, in particular a person that may be on the fence about you, is not necessarily the way to go.  Actually, I am not wondering, I know it is not the way to go.
If a work needs to be done to break someone, under the right circumstances, I am all for it but as a victor over sexual and spiritual assaults, I much rather you pour honey than burn juniper berries on my picture.

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