The Queen and her Magician

I stood at the gates of the King’s Tower for 5,009 nights resigned to my fate.  Each night I would look out into the darkness and wonder about everything and nothing. No longer caring if there was anything more past the armaments constructed to keep me hidden from the World.
On night 5,110 a Magician walked up to the Tower and said nothing.  He stood still and stared into my soul.
I was not afraid of this unknown man, a stranger with his own tales and scars of a past life hidden right below the surface of his smile.
His eyes were portals to the world. When he spoke I could only hear the sounds of the ocean. When he touched my hand through the gates, I felt no fear. I felt the calm that comes from knowing hidden truths. Within his robes were the secrets of a million days crossed with swords.
Though we never spoke I knew his name and he knew mine.
I cried a tear for everyday that I, the Empress, stood waiting to hear my name spoken.
When the Magician returned on night 5,111 he called to me, I unlocked the gates and disrobed for him to see me in the light of Stars.  He covered, shielded and renamed me Queen crowned me with Wands and then carried me to his Chariot.
When the Emperor eventually returns, he will be greeted by unlocked gates and an empty tower.
©Andrea Weston 2018

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