Born Again

There are few things in this life that surpass watching a new life enter into this world and take its first breaths.

I have had the good fortune to witness the births of several children (human and fur babies) and I can honestly say that seeing a live birth will forever rank as one of the most beautiful events in my life. Recently, I found myself a witness to another live birth, the birth of an Orisha’s omo.

Though I have witnessed and have participated in more initiations than I care to count, there was something so deeply moving about this particular initiation, I have found my face wet from the tears that I did not know were falling.

This birth was a birth of love and destiny being fulfilled. No crisis, no emergencies, no godchildren making mills, etc.. This was an initiation ordained by Egungun and Orisha, an event filled with the blessings of the ancients and the hopes of descendants yet born. Several days of stepping through the veil and living with love called Orisha.

Every time I think of the new Omo, I cry, laugh and marvel at the complex simplicity of this spiritual birth. I cry because to truly have been held by another’s ancestors and Orisha and invited to their private party is indescribable. To be counted among the few witnesses as the baby opened his eyes, was presented by his Godfather, surrounded by the elements and held lovingly by Sàngo has me longing for better days when everyone can feel the pure joy of being surrounded by love, your physical and spiritual family as well as having Orisha smile at you. If I close my eyes, even for a moment, I can still feel the energy of it all in every cell of my body. I’m longing for more invites to ego-free, love filled and Spirit lead events.

To be loved in heaven and on earth is truly a blessing and tonight, I am hoping that many more people during their lifetime get to experience the blessing of being a witness to life born from love.

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