When a Priest Leaves Home to Dance with Spirits.

Dancing with Spirits, truly dancing with them, requires that we strip away all of our layers and stand in truth. Even when that truth exposes your fears, your part in ignoring a wrong and/or leaves you feeling vulnerable.

Sometimes we dress the truth up. Give it a wig, makeup and talk pretty to it but, at the end of the day the truth is exactly what it is supposed to be.

There are times when a person will be sidelined and forced to stay still. Forced into a position where one has no choice but to sit and listen to their entire spiritual quad. Having the flu, bronchitis and being exhausted put me in the perfect place for my ancestors to correct and give necessary lessons about dancing with spirits and saying goodbye.

I had grown comfortable in my practice and home. Placed my loyalty, despite misgivings, with people that lacked the desire, ethics and fortitude to align themselves with Olodumare and the divine legions that seek to improve our lives. When presented with an ancestral mirror, I had to look at my own discomfort, silence and part in things that either did not sit right with my spirit and stood in direct opposition to the principals of Spiritual growth, healing and elevation.

As I looked in the ancestral mirror, I thought about what it means to truly serve and stand for what is right without an agenda. Serving and growing even when you may be the only one trying to do what’s best and right from the viewpoint of spirit and not one’s emotions.

It should be an easy choice to say goodbye to those who do wrong, use you or are morally corrupt but, it often takes a person time to walk away with just the clothes on their back.

In an age of quick fixes, title holders looking for rent money via buffet style initiations, sexual predators preaching to the desperate and folks looking for redemption through others once their muse is gone, I have to ask myself, what kind of woman/mother/friend/lover/priest/daughter am I? What do I stand for? Do I serve God, my house or myself?

I willingly asked for and stepped into a beautiful spiritual world. I made the conscious choice to live my spiritual life semi-publicly by teaching and being online and I have been blessed abundantly by this in many ways, so when asked if I would chose the hard and narrow path of truth and doing what’s right versus the easier path paved with likes, shares and fake-love from agenda holders, I paused. Paused to think about the time I stood alone because I spoke up and, then I remembered just how much peace, calm and abundance entered my life at that time. I paused only for a nanosecond because the space where love, charity and laughter resides is far more enriching and rewarding than the current home I have taken temporary residence in.

Once again I find myself on the road with just my dance clothes, heels and makeup on. I’m permanently leaving this home and moving into a house where the dance with Spirits is filled with life and love.

What kind of priest am I? The imperfect kind that listens to what comes from above and below, dances in the rain and tries to do what is right even when everything else seems to be going left. I’m okay with this and am waiting for Spirits to put the next song on.

6 thoughts on “When a Priest Leaves Home to Dance with Spirits.”

  1. I’m glad you found your “you” song to dance to……your knowledge is a godsend from which I am so glad that my path in life came across yours…..(no accident I know)…..I hope the ancestors will always keep you dancing because we need your help and you are a great teacher…there are so many out there like myself who have been waiting oh so patiently for a teacher to appear for this vast body of spiritual working…..and god sent you…. many blessings to you teacher…..many blessings….

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