As The Nganga Turns

On last week’s episode of As The Nganga Turns, the tug-of-war between munanso Casa de Caca and House of Bud heated up when the Yaya of the House of Bud announced her engagement to the Tata of Casa de Caca. Five months pregnant and uncertain of the father, Yaya has lied and said Tata Ain’t Shit is the baby daddy even though she’s been banging the hot ngeyo in her former munanso, House of Bud.

On the other side of town, an initiation gone wrong has left several unsuspecting new initiates fully mounted and Tata Wikipedia has hidden himself in his shrine room in the hopes that he can find an english translation of how to safely dismiss a group of spirits.

Meanwhile, Baba turned rockstar, turned reality show host contemplates airing a live initiation from the from the top of the Empire State Building.

Will Yaya continue profess her love for the 80 year old Tata of Casa de Caca? Will Tata Wikipedia find step-by-step instructions on how to remove spirits before they find his secret stash of 100 year old chamba? Will he find out what fula translates to in english? Will there be a live scratching on top of the Empire State Building? Tune in this week to find out?

Lmao… I crack myself up sometimes and other times I am saddened by the real life As the Nganga Turns that plays out online and via private phone conversations. Some days the online spiritual community is rife with all kinds of drama worthy of its own 24/7 novela. As I scroll through posts and listen to the stories of those who are victims of other people’s amoral and greedy behavior, I ask myself when did spirituality get reduced online popularity contests? When did it go from growth and service to a for-profit corporation and seeing how many people one can sleep with? Perhaps I am a bit naive but I still believe that Spirit, ancestors and living our best lives possible should mean something, should be what we work towards and fight for. Despite what I see and hear, I am going to embrace, hold on and believe in the greater good and do my best to stand on good sound principles. No petty dragging, no deflections, no inflating titles, no private group texts to defame someone who has found out your shady past, no to the things that seem to dominate the spaces where seekers come to learn and network.

If you can remotely see someone in my lamentation dressed as a funny blog post, it’s time to ask yourself some tough questions. Hopefully you cannot relate to this.

Today is March 27, 2018 and I am, going forward, going to focus on the beauty and depth of the religions that I love and leave the soap stars of these here innanets to their own drama.

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