My Sister’s Kindness

If you’re lucky you’ll have the pleasure of meeting people who truly embody the light that we all wish to see in everyone we meet.

This week I lost a sister-friend, Bea. I am still in a semi-state of denial and hoping that perhaps if I call her she’ll pick up and say “girl you are crazy”.

I hate losing anything. I especially hate losing those that I care about to the other side. While I am fully aware that death is not the end, when it hits close to home I feel salty, sad and question why.

To know Bea was to know a sweet kindness that many claim to have but lack. She was calm, gentle and kind. She was funny and a great cook. She liked my jokes (which is important if you want to be my friend) and was super smart. Did I mention how kind she was? My friend was kind. Kind to strangers and friends alike. Kind to those who didn’t deserve it. Her kindness was so beautiful that it was unto itself, a form of spirituality. It allowed her to find room for the unlovable and to forgive when forgiveness should not have been an option.

I have found random tears streaming down my face, totally unaware that I was crying these past few days. She visited me in my dreams last week, to prepare me for what was to come. I knew that her time here was coming to an end but, damn it all to hell, I wasn’t ready. Still not ready.

Tears are flowing again as I write this latest blog post. I know she was met by her ancestors and given favor because of her heart, so I take comfort in that.

She showed me, by example, how quiet grace is a virtue and kindness is a balm that one must carry at all times. Tonight I am checking my kindness meter to make sure it is at Bea levels.

Sis, rise up and continue to spread your balm wherever your next chapter takes you. I am going to miss you my dear.

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