Beware of Conjure Connie!

The online spiritual community can be both beneficial and harmful in the same breath. At the click of a link, one can find a angel of a worker or a devil in a Sunday suit.

Or you might find a Conjure Connie, who imagines being thrown at by every little shadow and is always ready to play the victim with salty tears that fall on demand when called on their fuckery.

The Conjure Connies of the online spiritual community are one of the most divisive and manipulative types of women walking among the rest of us. The silence of those who know a Conjure Connie or three helps to keep these types in business. So you must be asking yourself “how do I recognize if someone I know is a Conjure Connie?”

If you have seen or experienced any of the following online, you may have a Conjure Connie on your friends list:

  1. She’s always being thrown at;
  2. She’s always ready to “unleash the beast”;
  3. She always needs “extra magical help” unleashing the beast;
  4. She sends private dm’s explaining why she is being targeted, needs extra magical help and makes sure she tells the person she’s dm’ing they are being targeted for extermination too;
  5. She tries to play both sides against each other by telling lies about the other to start a possible witch war;
  6. When confronted about her lies, treachery and generic brand of witchcraft by the person she’s tried to slander and get strangers to throw at, she blocks the person and then posts that “I am so done. I am done with the bullying. I have never seen a community that seems to thrive on it. What a sad sad state of affairs. I won’t speak up anymore…”;
  7. Then she goes and licks her wounds with her sisters Permit Patty, Barbecue Becky and Wicca-lyte Wendy.
  • Here are some quick responses you can reply to the Conjure Connies in your life when they act up while you sip on your tea:
    1. Weren’t you being thrown at by a priest of {insert ATR name here} last month?;
      What did you do to cause the ire of {insert name of new enemy here}?;
      I thought you unleashed beasts?;
      What did you have for dessert last night?

    Don’t let Conjure Connie pull you into her web of deception and manipulation because her target of the month just may actually be a real witch.

    Conjure Connie please go sit your McMagic ass down somewhere and find something to do like polish your candles, crystals and cauldrons.

    5 thoughts on “Beware of Conjure Connie!”

    1. Renee Michele

      Yaaaaaasssssss!!! All of this! They play on your empathic emotions to siphon your services!

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