Uncle Sango and a Glass of Wine

It’s been many years since I’ve been in a position to watch a storm. Tonight there is a severe storm lighting up the sky and thunder so loud that it is rattling the windows of the house.

City living dulls the senses and blots out the memories of dark country nights were you can see a million stars. Where I find myself on this dark and stormy night is in a place I call home. Up on a hill, far yet close to the city.

I’m sitting in the dark, sipping on a nice red blend, typing on my phone and glancing out of the window so I can see the next big flash from Sango.

Sango the Orisha with so much energy and pizzazz the stars dim when he is in town. The Orisha that is sometimes talked about as a lady’s man, the wild and fiery one. So many stories, so many human characteristics that one could question whether or not this is an Orisha worthy of adoration and praise.

Kawo Kabeyisi, I hear people say this all the time in the same way I hear people say God is good. They say it loud and often but, it feels empty when the phrase rolls off the tongue with no true love behind it. I question myself, wondering if I am too being judgemental when I become irked by rote reciting. When Sango steps up to defend his daughters and the daughters of other Orisha and yes, even the daughters of Mpungos, there is a sense of security and justification that comes from knowing your Uncle walked up the block and kicked the bully’s ass soundly for messing with his niece. Baba Sango is more than the patikis repeated, he is a protector and defender of women, the energy that moves things forward, he is love and lessons in pliable strength. It is hard to describe a Sango moment, event or interaction. You’d have to experience it to even begin to understand my feelings about Him. In my many philosophical conversations with myself I wonder if people crowned with Sango lack his good characteristics and it is their job to emulate their father in this lifetime. I think and wonder.

Perhaps it’s me and my overactive mind that has me in my feels tonight. Maybe I am stretching beyond the confines of blind acceptance and am beginning to feel the edges of the universe or maybe it’s this wine and light show that has me feeling the need to expand beyond the ordinary.

The lightening is still flashing away, my wine glass is almost empty and I have to get some sleep but first I think I will put on my favorite Sango song and thank my Uncle for always being a quick prayer away.

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