Flash Sale: Esú 50% Off

A couple of online shops are having Valentine’s Day sales. If you are in the market for an Esu/Elegba you may find yourself a real bargain and snag a custom made Esu head for your ancestor/Hecate/Goddess/office desk altar at 50% off. That’s right folks, 50% off.

As of late I have been wondering when the shift from reverence of Esu to make it happen for me Esu happened? A recent conversation that I had with my Godsister has left me questioning if people really care to know more about Esu and why we propitiate him. Is any thought given to what it means to have a consecrated icon of Esu in your life. What does one think will happen if you buy an Esu head, doll, etc. head off of a random website and start giving this thing you brought but, have no idea what spirit you’ve called, candy, cigar smoke, a candle and rum every Monday?

When did it become ‘a thing’ to just grab and go an Esu of your choosing?

Receiving an Esu is, in my opinion, a privilege and honor that should not be taken lightly or for granted. When an Esu is made by a priest that has the authority to do this type of spiritual work and it is given in ceremony to a person it is a gift and also a responsibility. That gift is made even more special when you receive proper instructions on how to have a relationship with the Esu you receive and how to take care of it. Let me be clear, receiving an Esu from a REAL PRIEST is totally different than buying a random object named after this Orisha.

Esu is everywhere and no where. He opens and closes. He has many roads. He is the Powerful One, the great teacher, the One who throws a stone today to hit the bird yesterday. What he is not, on sale at your nearest online Etsy, Amazon or Pop-up witch website.

There’s so much more to learning, growing and walking with Orisha. It’s a beautiful way of life not the latest spiritual trend.

Thinking via blog on this long road home.

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  1. Lol Esu is not on Amazon OKURRRR please people lost their minds

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