The Book of Revelations

I don’t think there will be a time when I will not be amazed by how Spirits move. From the smallest of movements to the outward moments of grand miracles, when Spirits do things even skeptics must take notice.

FaceBook or The Book, as I like to call it, has become a global mass market of connection that has allowed various groups and communities that were once underground or hidden in plain sight to exist openly in the ethers. The ability to connect with like minds of your hive of choice has opened up avenues of information to those in remote parts of the world to learn about different religions, cults and spiritual practices that were once unheard of or seemingly off limits.  Because of social media giants like the Book, many across the global are now part of all types of spiritual groups and it is in these groups where micro-gangs, real fellowship, partnerships and voyeurs are given life and an audience.

What has fascinated me the most is how quickly we give the most intimate details of our lives via direct message to a complete stranger (I have been guilty of this) and form a kinship that is full of genuine internet feelings. These direct messages often contain some of the most personal thoughts and honest opinions of those participating in the conversation.  Within spiritual communities we find out, via DM, who read for who, who is a real worker and who is not, what so and so did, what Ms. Thang looks like nude and my favorite one who was new to the game last year but is a grand wizard today.  When internet kinships go awry, people are left quacking in their proverbial boots hoping that their once online BFF doesn’t share what was said in moment of cyber love.  Sometimes today’s grand wizard and 1.5 headed root woman think that they are so powerful that they can trump, let’s say, Olokun as an example, from revealing what they have said and confessed to in a purposely worded message.

Great spirits like Olokun are the masters of space and time and when their children are the subject of the hour. People would be surprised at just how quickly the Divine will align all the elements together so that the one who has been wronged will know exactly who all the players are, what was said, when it was said and what was done.  I am convinced that screenshots were invented in heaven so that the hardheaded and sometimes, too trusting children of Divinities can see for themselves why it is important to use discernment, discretion and wisdom when loving up via direct message with a stranger.

An online friendship can be a great thing, because of social media, I have met and befriend some truly wonderful people that I always welcome a direct message from. For those that have been less than honorable, Egun and Orisha make good use of the Book of Revelations.

Hopefully, you my dear reader will make good use of it too.



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