The Case of Loving Coconut Mojitos

I have fallen in love with the coconut mojitos served in Loiza, Puerto Rico. No, I am not going to tell you the name of the restaurant that sells the version of this drink that I have fallen in love with because…

It is the season of me and I am not sharing.

During the past few months the folks who manage the invisible realm have turned my life upside down. Turnt it up and completely out! As I sit over 10,000 feet above sea trying to figure out how in the hell I got here, I remember…

That I prayed for change. Not just any change but the kind of change that takes your breath away and makes you fall down, give thanks and kiss the ground in awe. The Spirits have given me this and more.

I kiss the ground often these days because They heard my prayers and placed me above galas, galaxies and faux-internet grandstanding.

I am grateful that I am in living in a space that is somewhere between the ceiba and iroko trees.

Those who know, know that there is far more to this elevation game than a carefully placed Malembe and Aalafia that gets bandied about. Lush vegetation and dialogue with the trees have changed my perspective on a whole lot of things and thangs.

As I sit in this bar, lovingly eyeing my drink, wanting to push my man down and thinking of what instrument belongs to Zarabanda versus Ogun, I feel a deep sense of gratitude.

Gratitude that I am connected to Mother and in my world, every day is a coconut mojito kind of day.

Taita, I dedicate this blog post to you. Little did we know that day in the shrine, when you shared some secrets of the knowing with me, it would be our last time together in the flesh as teacher-student ~ godparent-goddaughter. You gave me wings Sir and now I am looking at the ocean from 10,000 feet above the sea, Thank you! I promise to call my brother and BFF’s tomorrow, tonight I am going to selfishly bask in all of this, whatever it is!

Life is GRAND and the right coconut mojito makes it even better.

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