Hello and welcome to the internet home of Ifalomo Fasola of Erintunde’s Grove.

I am a Medium, Spiritual Consultant, Reiki Master, Bone Reader and Spiritual Consultant that provides spiritual services to clients across the globe.

I got a “late start” as a spiritual worker. As a young child, I would often dream true and predict the passing of friends, family and strangers. I was also very curious about angels, spirits and the various different world religions. I could often be found hidden somewhere with a book on some sort of esoteric subject. Though deeply spiritual, I choose to not to follow any one particular path. Parenthood and the need to reconnect to the source pushed me to rediscover the joys of the Divine and explore my gifts. From that moment on, I willingly accepted my gifts and devoted myself to learning as much as I could.

In time, I went on to become a Reiki Master in the Tera Mai Seichem Path, Yaya Nkisi in the Palo Kimbisa faith, Rootworker, Spiritual Teacher and an Iyanifa in Ifa Orisha faith. I thank my spiritual elders in the Palo, Egungun, Isese and Lucumi traditions for their guidance and steady hands along this amazing journey.

My approach to spiritual work can be summed up in two words; HEALING and LOVE. Whether a client is looking for relationship, a job, solutions to a problem, etc. I start and end my work in the spirit of healing and love.

I work with clients from all faiths, backgrounds and traditions and am, often sought out for my services as a medium that specializes in making ancestral connections, rootwork, spiritual services and private spiritual coaching.

My goal is to provide you with best possible outcome for your situation and high quality products. I thank you for stopping by! If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. If you wish to purchase a spiritual service, spiritual item and/or register for a workshop please click on the Conjure Boutique or Workshop links.

Many Blessings, Iya Ifalomo

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