Real World Conjure 6 Week Workshop


Six week video conference conjure workshop.


Real World Conjure Six Week Workshops

Real World Conjure with Ambrozine Legare is a series of six-week online live video intensive workshops that teach rootwork. Each 90 minute workshop will cover a host of topics to help you learn various tricks, techniques, prayers, scriptures within in the African-American Conjure tradition to help you develop your own personal rootwork practice or enhance your current rootwork business. This workshop is an ongoing series that occurs through the year.

Cost: $250.00 USD for the series or $50.00 for individual units. The next session begins on Monday, May 7, 2018.

Unit 1: Brief Introduction to Real World Conjure and getting started in your personal practice

Unit 2: Spiritual Cleansing

Unit 3: Herbs, Roots and Curios

Unit 4: Doing the Work, Part 1

Unit 5: Doing the Work, Part 2

Unit 6: Working for Yourself and the General Public


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