Regardless of where you are beginning, Ambrozine Legare adds depth and power to your work. Her teachings, built on a strong and solid foundation, improve and clarify the skills and knowledge of whomever they touch. Her approach is direct, down-to-earth and easy to understand. The generosity with which she shares her years of experience is humbling. If you are looking for a true teacher to develop your Spiritual practice, allow her to help and guide you and experience first-hand just how far the path can take you.” Aura LaForest

Ambrozine LeGare’s Spirit Journey incense is aptly named and sets the perfect mood for meditation and spiritual work. Highly recommended! Michele Jackson, Bones Shells and Curios

Just had an awesome 1 on 1 teaching session with Ambrozine LeGare on Bone Reading. Amazing woman love her energy. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. M. Lennon, Divination Radio

I meet Ambrozine on my old radio show WWTS. She was giving free readings to our listeners, and I asked her to read for me. By the end of her reading, I was speechless. Her reading was so accurate that it was mind blowing! From then on, she is one of very few readers I trust, to guide me. Ambrozine’s professionalism combined with her generous spirit, honesty, and personality are the perfect recipe for everything you want a reader/worker to be. Amorea Rocha

Ambrozine LeGare is simply the best reader from which I have received a reading. Having been a tarot card reader, root worker recently, I have had the good fortune of knowing many readers and practitioners. Ambrozine rises above all in my past experience. She gives clear, concise,spot on readings. I value her advice beyond measure. Any time I have the pleasure of her spirit, I have found her to be warm, direct. and to be honest, give information that I always take to heart and act upon. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Ambrozine delivers the goods with each and every reading. Gabrielle Swain

Ambrozine is an incredibly gifted medium. During our reading she brought me a number of meaningful messages from my ancestors that were spot on and that I really needed to hear. It was filled with very emotional and touching messages. A reading with Ambrozine is invaluable, which makes it well worth the money. I will definitely be going to here again in the future when I’m in need of a reading. Christy Porterfield 

When I seek ancestral perspective, and a solid advice, I go to Ambrozine. She is a phenomenal medium, and a wise and compassionate diviner. Her readings are always on point, and the information received is clear and instructive. Madame Nadia  I want to thank you for the bone reading tonight…. What we shared is so on point and on all levels… Much is confirmation for work that is needed to achieve goals…. J. Johnson, Atlanta GA

Miss Ambrozine, I want to thank you for the phenominal work that you have done for me. I really can’t begin to describe how quickly everything has happened. Within 72 hours of receiving an email from you stating that the work against my rival started, I came home from church to learn that she suddenly moved out of our development AND she called my husband to apologize for attempting to sabatoge our marriage. I am so grateful and relieved. THANKS AGAIN. L. Orr, Baltimore, MD

Ambrozine, this thank you is long overdue. Back in November I contacted you about one of my employees that was doing everything possible to cause me to be demoted or get fired. I was hesitant to hire you to do magic to help me because it was my first time trying this. I was desperate but I trusted my friend that sent me to you. When you called me to say that I should look for signs that the work to silence and stop this woman, I was still skeptical. Two weeks later, the woman that was once vile and troublesome, became unusually nice. A week after that, she stopped showing up to work and after speaking with HR, she was fired. I don’t know what you do or how you do it but thank you for saving my job and sanity. Y. Muniz, Trenton, NJ

Ambrozine, your bone reading was DEAD ON (eek! Terrible pun…or great pun??? I don’t know!)!!! Anyway, I wanted to thank you again. It truly clarified a lot and your demeanor made me feel very at ease. I left my reading feeling truly revitalized and clear after sitting with you. I will definitely be calling on you again! Thank you once again! Courtney Weber, NYC, NY

Dear Ms. Legare, I called you for a reading because my 71 year old mother was very ill and her apartment was infested with bedbugs. Her landlord refused to provide an exterminator and I met constant dead ends when I called the Jersey City Housing Inspector. You told me that you would call me back the next day with what could be done. You promptly called me back the next day and told me you would take my case. Long story short, 4 days after speaking with you, I was able to speak with a Jersey City Inspector. On the 5th day an Inspector came to my mother’s apartment and on the 6th day she was provided with extermination services for free. Thank you for everything that you have done. I am deeply grateful that you took the time to listen to me, promptly call me back and work hard so that my mother could be comfortable in her own home. God Bless you Ms. Legare! E. Rivera, NJ

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