Real World Conjure Six Week Workshops

Real World Conjure with Ambrozine Legare is a series of six week online live video intensive workshops that teach rootwork. Each 90 minute workshop will cover a host of topics to help you learn various tricks, techniques, prayers, scriptures within in the African American Conjure tradition to help you develop your own personal rootwork practice or enhance your current rootwork business. This workshop is an on-going series that occurs through the year.

Cost: $250.00 USD for the series or $50.00 for individual units. The next session begins on Monday, January 29, 2018.

Unit 1: Brief Introduction to Real World Conjure and getting started in your personal practice

Unit 2: Spiritual Cleansing

Unit 3: Herbs, Roots and Curios

Unit 4: Doing the Work, Part 1

Unit 5: Doing the Work, Part 2

Unit 6: Working for Yourself and the General Public

Pop-Up Webinars: Join Ambrozine for her monthly pop-up 30 minute webinar on various spiritual subject matters. These series are designed for participants with a basic knowledge of magical work.

February 2018 Pop-up Webinar: Sex Magic 02/03/2018 7:00 pm EST. Cost: $30.00 USD

February 2018 Pop-up Webinar: Container Spells 02/17/2018 1:00 pm EST. Cost: $30.00 USD

May 2018 Pop-up Webinar: Gambling Money Magic Webinar and a Day Trip to Atlantic City: Join Ambrozine and friends for a webinar on Gambling Money Magic. The webinar takes place 2 weeks before the day trip to a top rated Atlantic City, NJ Casino. Space for both this webinar and trip is limited. Cost: $175.00 USD

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Private Instruction

Private Instruction to learn Real World Rootwork or How to Read the Bones is available by appointment only. The cost for private instruction is $50.00 for 30 minutes and $100.00 for 60 minutes.