The Case of Ifa and the Missing Ebo.

I truly didn’t understand what depression was until I was in the midst of my own personal storm 15 years ago. My mother is a dynamic woman. Quite beautiful, smart, funny, talented and kind but, throughout most of my life she has been depressed. Since depression was her norm, it was my norm. During my […]

The Art of Forgiveness

On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, I witnessed an act of forgiveness that took my breath away, angered me and brought tears to my eyes all at once. Eighteen year old, Brandt Jean, asked Judge Tammy Kemp for permission to hug his brother’s murderer. He wanted to hug the woman who up until the moment she […]

The Case of Loving Coconut Mojitos

I have fallen in love with the coconut mojitos served in Loiza, Puerto Rico. No, I am not going to tell you the name of the restaurant that sells the version of this drink that I have fallen in love with because… It is the season of me and I am not sharing. During the […]

Life, Death and Amaretto

My Palo birthday, grandmother’s transition and anniversary of my sister/friend’s passing are all within a 30 day timeframe.  My mind has dwelled somewhere between gratitude and grief the past couple of days and the only things that have truly interested me are incense making, baking and planning my next trip. While in the throws of […]

The Book of Revelations

I don’t think there will be a time when I will not be amazed by how Spirits move. From the smallest of movements to the outward moments of grand miracles, when Spirits do things even skeptics must take notice. FaceBook or The Book, as I like to call it, has become a global mass market […]

Flash Sale: Esú 50% Off

A couple of online shops are having Valentine’s Day sales. If you are in the market for an Esu/Elegba you may find yourself a real bargain and snag a custom made Esu head for your ancestor/Hecate/Goddess/office desk altar at 50% off. That’s right folks, 50% off. As of late I have been wondering when the […]

One Drop Rule 21st Century Style

There was a point in time, here in the United States, that having one drop of African blood meant that you were considered less than. It also could mean enslavement, little to no opportunities, being victim to the whims of any White person that came across your path. African descendent, Negro, Negress, Nigger, Black, Black […]

An Underground Walk with Ancestors

December 31, 2018!! This year has been one filled with many challenges, blessings and many lessons for me. I can sincerely say that 2018 was the year that I was stretched, challenged and held to task by all that walk with me, for this I am grateful because I have grown in ways that I […]

Standing Up and Alone

Be careful of what you ask for, you just may get it. Don’t wrestle with pigs because you’ll only get dirty and the pig likes it. This too shall pass. At the beginning of this year I did ebo and prayed to be shown the ways in which I needed to change for the better. […]

Oh Palm Oil Where Art Thou?

I am in any town USA visiting relatives for the next few days and discovered this evening that I was out of palm oil and did not have any in my trusty spiritual travel bag (I’m still trying to figure out how this happened). About 6pm I decided to go in search of some palm […]