Spiritual #metoo – Breaking a Lover’s Will

Love Works… aw/alc-10/19/2017 You’re in love/lust/like He/She is not responding fast enough You do online research, decide on a dominance spell He/She responds to your spell but, does their best to stay away from you once the bed dance is done He/She feels free when out of your grasp, the soul always rebels, knows the […]

What Kind of God Do I Serve

Hatuey: 1512 – 2012 – Zinn Education Project I came across this link earlier this morning, and after reading about this virtually unknown hero on the date of his execution, I got to thinking about a colleague of mine who hates anything related to Christianity.  One mention of the word God, Jesus or of a […]

Breaking up with the NFL: Taking a Knee

There have been several times when I have had to miss watching NFL football games. A few of these days were;1) The day I was born 2) The day my 3rd child was born 3) The day I was in Germany and realized the NY Giants were not going to be shown on any tv, […]

What a Difference a Day Makes.

The passage of time is a funny thing. In my mind, there are events that seem to have taken place ‘just yesterday’ when in fact years have gone by. The way I can recall with crystal clear clarity events that happened well over 40 years ago but, can’t remember why I walked into the kitchen […]

A Father’s Silent Love

My family has a tradition of taking pictures.  Pictures, as my grandmother once told me, are the perfect way to capture a moment that time will rob the memory of.  Visit the home of any one of my relatives, you will see pictures of the living and the dead.  Whether realized or not, there isn’t […]

Life, Death and Love

I clearly remember the first time that I saw someone die. I was six years old it was Christmas day and it was snowing that morning.  My family did not observe Christmas as it was deemed a pagan holiday and only sinners participated in that sham of a holiday (I’ll have to write about growing […]

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